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A Staff Only Printing Services Job Request electronic submission form follows the information provided on this page. In addition to this page, you may find our Printing Services Toolkit to be helpful. Finally, go to the Printing Services Toolkit to see our Printing Services...Support Report. Then, you will see "How You Can Save Time and Money" AND "How You Can Help Us Help You and Others". 
Please contact Printing Services at printing@madison.k12.wi.us or at 204-6687 if you have any questions pertaining to the capabilities of Printing Services or you are in need of assistance.
Leading into and during the start of a new school year, Printing Services experiences an exceptionally large increase in the number of printing requests. While we normally expect a high volume of work at the start of each school year, requests can exceed our ability to respond in the desired timely manner. It is best if schools and departments manage their requests by submitting them well in advance and submitting requests for printing throughout the year (as needed) rather than all of their printing needs for the entire year at one time. There are periods of time that printing slows down and it would be best if we could manage the workload throughout the year.
It is our desire to help with any and all printing services needs. Printing Services continues to be the best option for the production of printed documents if the print request meets the following conditions:
    • The request allows Printing Services at least 10 days to complete (especially at the start of each school year...most of the year, Printing Services is able to provide much quicker service.).
    • The request must be received as "print ready" (i.e., the finished product will be a replica of the document submitted...although, Printing Services can help when time permits.).
If you have questions pertaining to Print Shop management, please contact Todd Strommen at tstrommen@madison.k12.wi.us or 204-6687 (shop)204-6686 (office).
Thank you for your cooperation.

The Staff Only Printing Services Job Request electronic submission form follows here: